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TCFF New Office Tour

Follow Kendall along for a 1 take office tour of the Traverse City Film Festival's new space.

#officemanager #tcff #officetour

Just Great Mimes

Kendall has been miming since high school and has enjoyed entertaining various lines throughout the years. The Traverse City Film Festival asked her to mime during the opening night party which you'll catch a glimpse of here. 

#mime #tcff #tcffxii 


Mouthful is a sketch written, produced, and edited by Kendall. "No one looks good eating popcorn" is the quote that inspired the story which follows a first and second date scenario of trying to impress someone you like.

#comedy #popcorn #mouthful #date #sketch

#reservations #shortfilm #msu #tcff 


Reservations is a short film in which Kendall played the supporting role of "Ava" who acts as the hotel's maid and positive force of the team. The film follows a man who inherits a bankrupt hotel and must decide what move is best for his career. The film was a participant in the Traverse City film festival and the Yes! film festival.

Hair Trailer

This is a trailer shot and edited by Kellyn Uhl for Michigan State University's production of Hair. Kendall played the 1,000 year old monk, a principal, and a member of the "Black Boys" trio. The ensemble of the production was awarded a Pulsar for "Best Ensemble 2015."

#hair #musical #msu #kellynuhl

Stand Up
This is Kendall's stand up comedy routine about the struggles of being a 6' tall human. 

#standup #comedy #avenuecafe #tallpeopleprobz

"Jenny Works"
This was a character study project written/shot/edited/performed by Kendall on her Los Angeles study away trip with MSU. Jenny is filming an online dating video in hopes of finding her true love.

#characterstudy #editing #dating

"Picking Happiness"
Picking Happiness is a short film produced by Carley Burgess. Kendall plays a character that reflects on her depression after a difficult relationship.

#drama #shortfilm #depression #relationships

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