Writing Portfolio

Traverse City Film Festival Writing
As an intern with the Traverse City Film Festival XII, I was a member of the writing team which was in charge of drafting blog, instagram, facebook posts and more PR related tasks. These pieces desmonstrate my proficiency with various social media platforms, brand consistency in writing tone, and my passion for puns.  A significant amount of my writing and photo contributions can be found on the TCFF pages:

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A Collection of Creative Writing Pieces and Photography

This is a place where I spill my ink. I've written anything
from poems, to quotes, to existential epiphanies. 

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Wiki Page

​One of my projects for the Traverse City Film Festival was to create a wiki page for one of our venues. Through the presentation of facts and figures this demonstrates my informational writing skills.


Snapchat Guide (Power Point)

This was one of my projects as a writing intern with the Traverse City Film Festival. One of our employees needed a guide on how to use snapchat so they could help promote the festival while it's happening! The guide was intended for a beginner with the intention of using most of what Snapchat offers. It was created before Snapchat "Memories" was introduced. It demonstrates my technical writing skills in guiding someone how to use a popular mobile application.

*The guide features gifs that can only be viewed if you download the power point.


Published Dialect Recording

This recording/transcription is published on the International Dialects English Resource Archive which is used for studying dialects. I interviewed and transcribed a gentlemen who has lived in multiple cities in China and the United States.